Eavesdropping (I): Mars, Venus, Blah, Blah

Aside from the obvious anatomical discrepancies, there are a number of fundamental differences between the sexes. One such difference is the way we prefer to communicate.

From my perspective, female conversation is a dark art. To illustrate, here’s the incomplete transcript of a phone dialogue between a girl sitting next to me on the bus (A), and her friend (B). It’s about 7.30am.

A:    I think he’s going to ask me to marry him.

B:    …

A:    Say again, babe?

B:    …

A:    Are you brushing your teeth!?   

B:    …

A:    Sorry, babe, I’ll let you get ready for work. 

[They continue talking for a further 15 minutes.]


2 Responses to Eavesdropping (I): Mars, Venus, Blah, Blah

  1. weenie says:

    LOL – when people talk on the mobile, I usually zone them out, cos it’s just usually blah blah blah anyway! Maybe I should listen in for a laff! 🙂

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