Lies, Damn Lies …

When it comes to useless laws, the one concerning averages is right up there with legislation prohibiting the consumption of cocaine in Soho toilets.

Consider the following example. A man needs to buy a ticket for a train that departs in three minutes. He intends to pay with banknotes stored somewhere on his person. Unfortunately, the man has 13 pockets.

Now, I’m pretty sure there’s a mathematical formula designed solely for the purpose of calculating the average number of pockets a man has to fumble through before he finds his money.

I’m also pretty sure that number SHOULDN’T BE 13.


2 Responses to Lies, Damn Lies …

  1. Mangonel says:

    But what he is looking for will always be in the last pocket, won’t it?

  2. […] narrowly caught a plane to Switzerland (in spite of the blasted law of averages), I now have a first-hand opportunity to discover whether or not this rather odd fascination has […]

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