Advanced Skiing: A Brief Guide

  • The advanced skier is at his finest after 3-4 hours sleep
  • The better you look, the better you ski
  • Hire skis work most effectively on ice, rock, grass and concrete
  • Deceleration is for wimps. If you really need to stop, run over a small child
  • In the event of a fall, shake your fist vociferously at the next person who passes
  • One pair of underpants is sufficient for a week on the slopes
  • If friends aren’t as proficient as you, abandon them on a tricky black and enjoy the rest of your holiday

4 Responses to Advanced Skiing: A Brief Guide

  1. Mangonel says:

    Have you come across The Water Project Man by John Irving?

  2. Mangonel says:

    Protagonist has top first skiing lesson. Diamond. Had me laughing so hard stuff came out of my nose.

  3. 100 Words says:

    I shall check it out forthwith …

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