Wrist Assessment

Unless you have one hand, it is easy to underestimate the importance of wrists. Until today, I assumed they were like kidneys, in that you only really need one in order to fully function.

How mistaken I was.

Following an awkward tumble, my left wrist is the size of an elephant’s dick. Pathetically, this has led to total debilitation. Such is the pain, I have variously struggled to dress, read, open doors, eat, and (bizarrely) walk.

As for typing – well, let’s just say a spider would have had less trouble writing this entry with one of his left legs.


2 Responses to Wrist Assessment

  1. St Jude says:

    Oh sweetie, elephants nethers are so cumbersome don’t you think! You have my sympathy and I hope that it mends quickly.

  2. mad muthas says:

    yet you fought through the pain to bring us this! that is true altruism

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