Twinkle Toes

As students of the British legal system know, it’s against the law to buy somebody else a present without getting one for yourself. Consequently, I am now the proud owner of new trainers.

Since my old pair are more ropey than Britney Spears after a night on the Diamond White, this is a cause for celebration. At least, it will be – once they’re worn-in, and not so damn white. In the meantime, I shall mostly be looking like an idiot, with Hollywood smiles for feet.

Anyway, that’s enough about my coruscating shoes. I’m off to tap-dance in a dog turd.


5 Responses to Twinkle Toes

  1. wyndham says:

    The question is, are they size 5?

  2. St Jude says:

    Such a wuss daarling, you should have told them that they don’t go with your complexion. Absolutely no white socks!!!

  3. Mamma Loves says:

    I was unfamiliar with that law. I must double-check our Constitution to see if we brought that one over when we declared our independence and all.

  4. mad muthas says:

    are they actually trainers, though. or are they pumps! (or daps, or gym shoes, or plimmies?)

  5. 100 Words says:

    Pumps – but as the only pair I have that aren’t falling to bits, they have to multi-task. This means they come to the park with me when I go on an ill-fated jog

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