Eavesdropping (II): The Maternal Instinct

A woman chaperones her three daughters on the bus. I guess she’s in her thirties, while the children are about ten. They look like a happy family.

One of the girls is talking to somebody on her mobile. She appears distressed by the conversation. Evidently, mum’s unimpressed. Without warning, she snatches the phone from her daughter.

‘Listen, you skanky bitch,’ she spits down the line.  ‘I know your number … I know what you look like … I know where you live.’

‘[Inaudible response]’

‘I don’t care if you’re only 12. Bother her again and I’ll fuck you up.’

See Also: Eavesdropping (I)


8 Responses to Eavesdropping (II): The Maternal Instinct

  1. Mamma Loves says:

    Oh that is wonderful!!

    My post today will include a link back…I love this!!!

  2. 100 Words says:

    I suppose one has to mind the flock, but I’m pleased my mum didn’t adopt this approach. A bit draconian, methinks

  3. Hannah says:

    Huh. Special. And I thought my parents were embarrassing…

  4. St Jude says:

    Hey ho, another one heading my way. By the way you’ve been tagged!!

  5. stinkypaw says:

    Now that’s a parent giving an example… of what not to say!

  6. 100 Words says:

    Tagged, eh, St J? in a break from the norm, you may have to get my odd traits in installments. But I’ll be sure to signpost them, just for you.

  7. Oh bahahahaha! That must have been some performance!

  8. Hey — I can actually picture myself doing that…. maybe I need more sleep. That is damn funny. I need to eavesdrop more….

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