Write To Reply

An inspector is doing his rounds on the Tube. With Holmesian ingenuity, he establishes that the man sitting next to me doesn’t have a ticket. The inspector asks man for his personal details. The man burbles something in a foreign language. The inspector repeats his demands more aggressively. The man shrugs his shoulders.

The inspector, who has obviously witnessed this strategy before, refuses to be defeated. Producing a pen, he scrawls the words Do you understand English? on his notepad and hands it to the man triumphantly. The man examines the notepad and takes the pen.

Yes thanks, he writes.


8 Responses to Write To Reply

  1. Hannah says:

    FANTASTIC! I wish I had the wherewithal to pull that kind of stunt…

  2. 100 Words says:

    It certainly made me chuckle, which annoyed the good inspector still further.

  3. mad muthas says:

    excellent! i’m only sorry the wordcount prevents you saying what happened next…

  4. 100 Words says:

    I can tell you using the comments cheat. He got hauled off the train at the next stop (quite forcibly) and that was the last I saw of him. Hopefully, a career in light entertainment beckons.

  5. stinkypaw says:

    Did he get hit? With an answer like that he deserved to get hit!

  6. mad muthas says:

    thanks goodness for the comments cheat!

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