… Weekend


Given that it feels like several farmyard animals have deposited the contents of their bowels in my head*, it’s probably not the best morning to go jogging.

But for some reason, I wake up with an irrepressible urge to don my white trainers and gallop around Clissold Park. This is the most idiotic urge I’ve ever had. On arriving at the park, I hobble fifteen yards and am promptly sick on the fence of a deer sanctuary.

Time for a hair of the dog, methinks.

* It’s a good job the animals didn’t deposit their vowels. Otherwise they’d be frmyrd nmls


3 Responses to … Weekend

  1. Hannah says:

    Yikes. And yikes again. Sounds like it was a good weekend, though!

  2. mad muthas says:

    the urge to don your sparkly new trainers is by far the most disturbing element of what sounds like a top weekend. you should like down in a darkened room until it passes.

  3. JosyC says:

    frmyrd nmls HAHAHAHA. *rmsht*

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