Power Hungry

In his seminal self-help guide, The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli makes the following observation about venality. ‘Benefits should be conferred gradually,’ he writes. ‘In that way, they taste better.’

I only mention this because there’s a new chap in the office, whose job it is to open mail. In an effort to curry favour, he’s taken to leaving cakes, sausage rolls and biscuits in the kitchen, alongside a cheesy note inviting co-workers to help themselves. Naturally, everyone thinks he’s a sycophantic tosser. And not without reason, I muse, devouring my eighth Custard Cream.

Damn do they taste better than I remember.


4 Responses to Power Hungry

  1. weenie says:

    New guys always have it hard – if he didn’t bring cakes etc, he’d be called a tight miserable git no doubt…

  2. Stinkypaw says:

    Bribery maybe… Good for sure!

  3. Mangonel says:

    Either he is being paid far too much, or he’s Renee Zellweger in disguise, practising for Bridgit Jones III – The Apocalypse.

  4. 100 Words says:

    You’re right, it is tough being the new guy – but sausage rolls? I suppose my boss is quite fat, so you could argue the way to his heart is through his stomach

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