Sir Douglas Bader: I Salute You (Part I)


Though I was once oblivious to the importance of wrists, I’ve never been in any doubt as to the importance of legs. Mine are nothing special – not in the Mary Hart league by any stretch – but they’ve always served me well, and I would (quite literally) be half the man I am without them.

I’m thus alarmed that my right leg has malfunctioned. The bloody thing inexplicably seized-up overnight, and now feels like it’s in the jaws of a ravenous bull-terrier, whose testicles are being whipped with a wet dishcloth.

Consequently, movement’s out, but onomatopoeic expressions of pain are in.


4 Responses to Sir Douglas Bader: I Salute You (Part I)

  1. Ow! Hope you get it unstrangled!

  2. Mangonel says:

    Is your wrist still buggered? Or can you at least reach for the sky?

  3. 100 Words says:

    Wrist has healed. Reaching for sky as we speak

  4. mad muthas says:

    sorry if i seem unsympathetic, but i feel almost as sorry for the bull terrier

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