Lost And Found (Part II): Magnanimity


Turns out the wallet isn’t in any of my pockets either. Despite this, I remain convinced my house-proud companion has hidden it during an over-zealous spring-clean. I’ve therefore spent the previous 24-hours rifling through cupboards and drawers, as if the spirit of Jack Bauer has entered me by way of Mrs Beeton.

My perseverance is rewarded. I eventually find the wallet behind a neatly-stacked pile of clothes in the bedroom wardrobe. It must’ve fallen out of trousers that she tidied away.

Pumping my fist, I whoop like a frat boy. ‘In your face, tidy woman!’

Oddly, tidy woman doesn’t respond.


3 Responses to Lost And Found (Part II): Magnanimity

  1. stinkypaw says:

    Sometimes it’s better to remain quiet…

  2. mad muthas says:

    god! some people have NO consideration. fancy tidying your trousers away and causing you all that inconvenience! tchah!

  3. JosyC says:

    I did that when I was… ohhh, up until this year. Wait, I still do it. But when I couldn’t find my favorite stuffed animal, I’d accuse my mother of flushing it down the toilet, or vacuuming it away, or somehow permanently destroying it through her TIDINESS. Geesh.

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