A Note Of Caution: I Know Where You Live


Sadly, the £10 note in my wallet is a forgery. I know it’s a forgery because the sociopathic lesbian in Oddbins said so – and she’s never wrong, ever, particularly when it comes to deconstructing my preferred brand of oaky Chilean red. Furthermore, I understand that English currency typically features a portrait of the Queen, and not Leo Sayer.

Nevertheless, I’m confident my cab driver doesn’t possess a forensic eye for detail. Sure enough, he drops me at my front door and accepts the note without question.

‘What an idiot,’ I chuckle, stepping inside.

About three minutes later, the doorbell rings.


11 Responses to A Note Of Caution: I Know Where You Live

  1. Hannah says:

    Careful: karma’ll get you.

    That said, I’m an awful one for using Isle of Man pound coins on the bus…

  2. Heather says:

    I understand the Leo Sayer notes were limited editions.

  3. Mamma Loves says:

    Leo Sayer!! A blast from the past!!

  4. 100 Words says:

    H: Got me already. Cabbie stopped being so chirpy and avuncular when he realised I’d palmed him a fake. Never again …

    H: Limited indeed – unique no less. That’s what happens when you give a baboon a crayon.

    ML: Oh yes. Dwarves with perms are all the rage over here these days.

  5. Stinkypaw says:

    Yikes! I hope, for your sake, that he wasn’t a BIG mean bloke! Karma can be a bitch at times.

  6. Mangonel says:

    Stinkypaw – Who – Leo Sayer? Nah – he’s tiny. 100 Words could take him easy.

  7. wyndham says:

    A fake note featuring the head of Leo Sayer. Whoever thought that up deserves a Knighthood. Arise, Sir 100.

  8. mad muthas says:

    right – you asked for this

  9. 100 Words says:

    Magnificent. I should ask more often.

  10. Gee whiz. This just isn’t your week, is it? How in the world did you get that in your wallet?

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