Pub Economics (Part I): The Invisible Hand


Following a tongue-lashing from an irate cabbie, I don’t intend to pass-off any fake banknotes for a while. Instead, I’ll be dealing exclusively in the new £20 bill, which features the 18th-Century economist, Adam Smith.

Smith pioneered the principle of ‘the invisible hand’. Contrary to conventional wisdom, this has nothing to do with the social benefits of self-interest. No, the invisible hand is actually the hand that repeatedly empties your wallet without your knowledge.

It’s also the hand that strokes your chin as you ask the question: ‘How the hell have I spent £70 on three pints and a taco?’


9 Responses to Pub Economics (Part I): The Invisible Hand

  1. mad muthas says:

    tra la la! i’ve just got back from london …. but you know all about that!

  2. 100 Words says:

    Ha! You’re right, heard you on the radio, didn’t I? XFM was it …

  3. mad muthas says:

    indeed it was – we’re hoping to get on kerrrrrrrang next!

  4. 100 Words says:

    Right down your street. Steer clear of middle England, I say

  5. Hannah says:

    URGH. It’s not so much invisible hand in my life as whole path labs full of invisible hands. Several thousand of them. I remember money… 😦

  6. Thanks. Now I know the name for it, which just emptied 45 Euros from my wallet and left me standing alone with four small bags of potting soil and some cheap Easter eggs.

  7. 100 Words says:

    H: But at least you can console yourself with the not so invisible hands, keeping you warm while canvassing, no?

    TTF: There’ll be toys – or at the very least more chocolate, inside the Easter eggs – so your journey won’t have been completely wasted. I’d like to have been on that shopping trip.

  8. ally says:

    i have a case of the invisible hand during the holidays. i know i start out with X amount, but always end up with more? 🙂

  9. mad muthas says:

    is it also the selfsame invisible hand that slaps you about (usually metaphorically) when you go into the red, and charges your £15 for writing a letter to tell you so?

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