Fifty Grand? It’s A Steal


With the invisible hand bleeding me dry, I need a more lucrative job. I therefore intend to pursue a career in vandalism.

Why? Well, it seems that Banksy, Britain’s premier graffiti artist, is doing rather well for himself. Each of his works retails at £50,000, which is a tidy return for a guy who prides himself on being an iconoclastic guerrilla, perpetually at war with the establishment.

‘Hypocrite,’ says a friend, as we inspect a Banksy original on a building in London’s East End.

‘Yeah, right, agree . . . so, er, how exactly are we gonna get this off the wall without power tools?’


2 Responses to Fifty Grand? It’s A Steal

  1. short and snappy says:

    Maybe you should get some tips from Zen Slocombe – alias Enzo – I have enjoyed many trips home on the Northern Line accompanied by his tag!

  2. rivergirlie says:

    hold onto those power tools – they may come in handy in your next post

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