I’ll Drink To That

In a classic episode of The Simpsons, Homer borrows money from Marge’s sisters to get himself out of a financial fix. Naturally, he neglects to tell his wife about the loan, presenting Patty and Selma with the opportunity to blackmail him.

Of the many brilliant lines in this episode – ‘you can’t spell obsequious without I-O-U’ – one has particular resonance following my pistol-whipping at the casino. It comes when our hero is bemoaning his predicament to Carl. Carl, though, is unsympathetic: ‘Quit wallowing in self-pity. Pull yourself together and come get drunk.’

Now that’s what I call good advice.


5 Responses to I’ll Drink To That

  1. stinkypaw says:

    and that’s what I call a friend!

  2. rivergirlie says:

    and did you follow that excellent advice? didja? didja?

  3. 100 Words says:

    Course. I hope you’d expect nothing less.

  4. rivergirlie says:

    ah, tdb, you never disappoint!

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