I See His Face – Everywhere

With Jim Davidson haunting last night’s dreams like the bastard son of Freddy Krueger and Enoch Powell, I should’ve realised today would be ill-fated

I’m in a urinal at work, trying to zip-up. Frustratingly, my flies are stuck. As I wrestle with them at the door, it swings open and cracks me on the forehead. I cry out in pain and thrust a hand up to my brow. My other hand, meanwhile, is still in the vicinity of my flies, and instinctively clamps around my nuts.

My attacker is a cleaner from Hungary. I swear she looks like Jim Davidson.


7 Responses to I See His Face – Everywhere

  1. Hannah says:

    I had a particularly scary dream last night, involving Long Term Ex, Minor Celebrity and being caught at it… Urgh. I shudder to think where my brain dredged that little horror story up from.

  2. 100 Words says:

    Is minor celebrity Jim Davidson? Oh no ,,, I have those dreams from time to time. I’m always worried I’ll shout out a different name in my sleep to that of the person next to me.

  3. Mangonel says:

    Hang on a sec – Hannah, which one were you at it with? And isn’t ‘doing’ a Minor an offence?

  4. rivergirlie says:

    nut clamping! i can only speculate, but i bet it’s jolly uncomfortable

  5. 100 Words says:

    It. Is. Very. Uncomfortable.

  6. Teeny says:

    What a unfortunate chain of events… Especially the female Jim Davidson lookalike, that must’ve been terrifying.

    I do hope your nuts are feeling better.

  7. Mamma Loves says:

    I have so much catching up to do. Sorry about the incident.

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