Coming Of Age

Forsaking crisps for a month hardly constitutes a sacrifice of biblical proportions. It does, however, mark a significant autobiographical departure, insofar as it’s the first time I’ve ever had the inclination to give up anything. To my mind, this is a sign I’m entering a phase in life traditionally associated with slippers, Countdown and sciatica.

Reassuringly, I’m not the only member of my peer-group whose priorities are shifting. Today, for example, I call a female friend with a view to arranging a good old-fashioned knees-up. She tells me we can’t meet until late April – because she’s either busy, or she’s ovulating.


8 Responses to Coming Of Age

  1. Mamma Loves says:

    Knees up?? Sorry, us American readers…

    Celebrating a birthday myself this week. This whole priority shifting thing stinks!!

  2. I have a whole long series of posts on the blog as to why I’m getting old.
    I feel old just writing them.

  3. 100 Words says:

    M: When, when? Mine’s Wednesday, which makes me a Ram …

    F: It seems another sign that we’re getting old is an overwhelming preoccupation with the ageing process. We must try and resist …

  4. rivergirlie says:

    happy birthday tomorrow. is it an option, then – ovulating or being busy? i wish someone had told me, all those years ago …

  5. 100 Words says:

    Being a man, I obviously took it as read that this was a legitimate excuse

  6. stinkypaw says:

    Never really used that excuse before… humm…

  7. Mamma Loves says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Mine is Friday. The big 3-7!

    We Aries ROCK don’t we?

  8. 100 Words says:

    Thanks, M. We do indeed, although we mustn’t get complacent – those Pisceans are planning something, I swear it.

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