96-Hours, 100 Words

Go to work. Come home. Watch TV. Go to bed. Wake up. Loaf about. Go to birthday party. Drink shots. Dance badly. Humiliate myself. Return home with friends. Continue drinking. Pass out on stairs. Wake up. Go to bed. Wake up. Invite friends over for breakfast. Sit in garden. Eat bacon sandwiches. Drink Bucks Fizz. Go to pub. Watch football. Come home. Eat curry. Fall asleep on sofa. Wake up. Go to bed. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Watch TV. Go to bed. Wake up. Go to work.

That, I think, just about brings us up to date.


12 Responses to 96-Hours, 100 Words

  1. Hellojed says:

    Ah, your weekend sounds so familiar…am just getting over mine and it’s Tuesday. I like your 100 words idea!

  2. That made me tired just reading about it! LOL

  3. PHEW….you must be exhausted! You need to go make you a drink, watch some TV and go straight to bed buddy! If you over exhauste yourself, how will you lift your drink to you lips. Can’t have that!

    Sorry, passed by another blog site and found your comment on the office “whore”. HA made me laugh….had to see what you were about. – Peace

  4. JosyC says:

    It would hardly be a birthday party if one didn’t humiliate oneself, would it? Sounds like it went well, despite any naysaying from nasty bar-owners. 🙂

  5. rivergirlie says:

    oi! i feel short changed.
    i was relying on you for my shot of vicarious high living. detail, please. i need detail (assuming you can remember any of it)

  6. 100 Words says:

    H: Hello! 100 words is the maximum I can do without compromising my own efforts to write a novel. Sheer force of laziness, then.

    ATM: My heart’s still racing

    A: You’re most welcome, particularly if you keep coming up with good suggestions.

    J: Humiliation comes naturally, and not just at parties. And you’ll be pleased to hear the venue didn’t look weird

    R: A gentleman NEVER tells. Or remembers, for that matter

  7. Mamma Loves says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were….how the party went off.

    Hope it was fun. Would love to hear more. No pictures? They don’t count as words do they?

  8. What a weekend, maybe next weekend you work on your dancing.

  9. So louds a fun time… even in 100 words..

  10. St Jude says:

    It’s good to see that at least you are eating a healthy breakfast dear.

  11. 100 Words says:

    M: Convalescing. And given a picture tells 1,000 words, I’d be somewhat overshooting the mark!

    RC: Welcome. That’s probably a good idea, though I also need to work on my drinking

    F: It was great. At least, I think it was …

    SJ: She’s alive! Lovely to have you back in circulation.

  12. Teeny says:

    Coo, I feel like *I* need a nap after that…

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