All The Human Frame Requires

So, I’m thinking, en route to work, that if I ever ate porridge for breakfast, I’d have brown sugar with it too, by which I mean the sweet-stuff, not heroin, as heroin isn’t a condiment, or a perfect way to start the day, unless you’re Lou Reed, who sprinkled it on his cornflakes and still made it to the park, and the zoo, and the cinema, which is quite impressive, but neither here nor there, because I don’t do smack, or porridge, or breakfast for that matter, since food, of a morning, is no substitute for voluminous amounts of coffee.


3 Responses to All The Human Frame Requires

  1. pleite says:

    A one-sentence, hundred-word blogpost. Hurrah! I agree with the voluminous amounts of coffee. I’m just about to emerge from the coffee-stage of the day. It’s 5.30pm.

  2. rivergirlie says:

    blimey! how much coffee did you have this morning? hope you have a perfect day, even without heroin. you deserve it for that hilaire belloc reference – ‘the chief defect of henry king was chewing little bits of string …’ it’s one of my faves
    bit worried about your lack of breakfast, though *motherly clucking*

  3. Raf says:

    May I recommend porridge with maple syrup, which isn’t a euphemism for any drug. Although perhaps it should be a slang word for methadone – viscous dark brown sugar substitute.

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