Cult Viewing


Good manners may not be my forte, but I’m a paragon of politesse compared to the main players in Panorama’s investigation into the Church of Scientology, which aired on the BBC this evening.

Nobody involved covers themselves in glory. John Sweeney’s pyrotechnic outburst is undoubtedly hilarious, but hardly a model of objective journalism. The subject of his ire is the indomitable Tommy Davis, spokesman for the Scientologists. On balance, I’d rather do a spot of needlepoint with Ed Gein than entrust my spiritual development to that sociopathic crackpot.

I mean, I know those Body Thetans are a pain, but still.


14 Responses to Cult Viewing

  1. modobs says:

    For sure, this isn’t what I call objective journalism. But with an a###@* like Tommy Davis in front of me, I think I would have reacted the same.

  2. After watching the videos there can be little doubt that Scientology is a cult.
    The Washington Post has an funny take on that question in their offbeat blog(Link). I love how their minions rush to defense on the comments… too obvious for doubt! The greatest trick propaganda has ever pulled, is getting the world to call it public relations.

  3. 100 Words says:

    M: I’d have punched him in the chops. At least, I’d have tried, but I’m not very good at fighting, so I’d probably have missed …

    T: Went there. Felt slightly sick. Commented. Thanks for the tip-off.

  4. rivergirlie says:

    i’m not convinced he really lost it – i think it was quite calculated as a way (admittedly failed) of trying to get that gobshite to shut up. he recovered his cool too quickly for it to have been genuine – don’t you think?
    but, honestly, what a bunch of nutters!

  5. 100 Words says:

    I’m not sure – there was definitely an air of predetermination about the whole thing, but then, he did seem pretty riled. Either way, Tommy is a gobshite and then some.

    If you’ve got a moment, check out the link to the Washington Post posted by Trento (above) and have a look at the some of the comments. As he implies, it’s a wonderful (if slightly disturbing) exercise in propaganda on behalf of the Scientologists …

  6. THe clip has just left me more confused.

  7. ally says:

    The Church of Scientology has many wackos in the US. Not too amazing, but the church is rolling in money.

  8. rivergirlie says:

    you’ve gone awol again. stop it at once

  9. Moobs says:

    I got a DVD in the post entitled “Freedom Television” which seems to be the crackpots response to the Panorama documentary. Why in John Travolta’s name they sent me a copy I shudder to think.

  10. rivergirlie says:

    oh where are you?

  11. weenie says:

    Just stopping by to see what’s happenin’….

  12. pleite says:

    Do you and Wynders co-ordinate these silences, or are you just having an especially long, philosophical drink at your local?

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